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ALKIMI’s Cleaning Hacks

26th February 2019 | News

ALKIMI harnesses naturally derived ingredients to produce non-toxic formulations which powerfully target dirt and grime whilst being safe for you and those around you. A handy tip for cleaning your fridge and at the same time naturally neutralising bad odours and leaving a pleasant fragrance is to….


ALKIMI’s environmental responsibility

15th February 2019 | News

ALKIMI provides highly effective and unrivalled cleaning in non-toxic formulations which are safe for use around your family. We also believe in minimising waste where possible and so: ALKIMI’s bottles, trigger, and sleeve are 100% recyclable. ALKIMI’s bottles are made from HDPE plastic which can be widely recycled into more bottles and bags. HDPE plastic… Read more »


Fall in love with cleaning again

11th February 2019 | News

ALKIMI loves nature, the planet, sustainability and ecology. Here at ALKIMI we firmly believe recycling doesn’t just mean putting your used packaging in the recycling bin. We also like to where possible recycle and up-cycle around here too. ALKIMI is committed to sustainability, we work with nature, using eco-friendly, sustainably sourced natural ingredients, especially selected… Read more »


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