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Debbie Wingham

20th August 2019 | Testimonials

When Pastry styling I often use mirror boards or glass for impact and they get super smeary so here’s how I keep the smears at bay…


Debbie Wingham

16th August 2019 | Testimonials

The feeling when your kids can help you with the chores and earn pocket money, installing work ethic all very vital to growth and usually I would have reservations but……..


Debbie Wingham

11th August 2019 | Testimonials

Summer Caking making??? It’s not fun is it? No air con???? Then choose your recipes wisely!!?!!….


Debbie Wingham

8th August 2019 | Testimonials

Celebrity Haute Couture Designer turned ‘Caketress’ Debbie Wingham has been trying out ALKIMI at home after she first discovered us in Sainsburys and loves the fresh, natural scents of our products! ……


Mummy Barrow

5th August 2019 | Testimonials

ALKIMI use naturally derived ingredients to produce non-toxic products. That isn’t necessarily new, there are lots of natural ingredients on the market but they often lack the efficacy to actually work effectively.  Which is where ALKIMI is different….


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