ALKIMI harnesses naturally derived ingredients to produce non-toxic formulations which powerfully target dirt and grime whilst being safe for you and those around you.

Each ingredient has been picked for its natural, but powerful cleaning ability.

In the kitchen we use grapefruit seed extract as it is renowned to contain anti-microbial and anti-fungal benefits which is crucial in this room. Tea tree oil is known for its anti-septic properties, and again beneficial for the kitchen area to ensure it is as clean possible.

A handy tip for cleaning your fridge and at the same time naturally neutralising bad odours and leaving a pleasant fragrance is to use the ALKIMI kitchen cleaner.

In the bathroom we have used eucalyptus extract as it is a renowned natural cleaning solvent, and clove oil as it has been reported to inhibit the growth of moulds, yeast and bacteria.

The bathroom cleaner has been found to tackle limescale according to an Amazon customer.

Cleaning your bathroom especially in confined spaces can leave you coughing away from the fumes, not with ALKIMI, the scent is lovely and neutral according to another Amazon customer.

On glass and windows we use mint extract as it shows many anti-bacterial and antifungal effects, as well as being renowned for its anti-septic, deodorising and insect repelling features. We also use Aniseed for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits.

The glass/window cleaner dries streak free and cleans windows beautifully. To remove fingerprints, dust and dirt from mirrored furniture ALKIMI glass/window cleaner wipes away dirt and leaves a streak through finish.

On shiny surfaces we use bergamot oil as it is thought to display certain anti-bacterial and anti-septic benefits. Lemongrass extract is thought to have anti-microbial properties and inhibits the growth of bacteria.

To effectively clean stainless steel rather than leaving a visible residue an Amazon customer has recommended ALKIMI shiny surface.

Burnt on food can be hard to remove on hobs, but with ALKIMI it isn’t according to an Amazon customer who is “Genuinely very very impressed”

To obtain the perfect shiny streak free surface very little product is needed. Super shiny surfaces are achieved with very little effort!

Across multiple surfaces our multi-purpose cleaner contains orange oil which is known to exhibit anti-fungal and anti-septic, as well as being a great degreaser. Ginger root has natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

When cleaning your bins lid inside and out, and the bin itself use ALKIMI multi-purpose as not only will it effectively clean your bin, but at the same time will also naturally fragrance and in doing so masks those bad odours.

26th February 2019 | News