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World Sustainability Day 24th October 2018

24th October 2018 | News

ALKIMI is committed to sustainability, we work with nature, using eco-friendly, sustainably sourced natural ingredients, especially selected for their cleaning properties.

Recycle week – 24 – 30th September 2018

25th September 2018 | News

Here at ALKIMI we firmly believe recycling doesn’t just mean putting your used packaging in the recycling bin. We also like to recycle and up-cycle around here too…..

Julie Montagu

2nd September 2018 | Testimonials

With all the fragile furniture, special paintings and distinguished bound books dating back to the 1600’s…. I only want to use the best ECO and NATURAL cleaner for @mapperton_estate – I can’t begin to tell you that we a) need one that works and b) one that’s not filled with nasty chemicals that could harm the furniture and more.

The ‘magic’ ingredient in ALKIMI

20th August 2018 | News

For decades most supermarket household cleaning products relied on a cocktail of abrasive chemicals largely derived from petro-chemical feedstocks…

Erica Davies

13th August 2018 | Testimonials

I’ve decided to partner up with ALKIMI as everyone has to clean their house and I love new products……. I really like their products…. Their packaging is really pretty too.

Erica Davies

9th August 2018 | Testimonials

THIS IS AN ADVERT. And I will explain why I have decided to partner up with ALKIMI for this paid post. 1⃣This is a brand new product range that is just about to hit the market (it will be on sale next month, I will share more details in a blog post then) 2⃣ We… Read more »

Julie Montagu

9th August 2018 | Testimonials

ECO CLEANER THAT WORKS!!! • I have become very conscious and obsessed with making my life, my kids life……MORE ECO ☘in all that we do. Including CLEANING! THE MAJORITY of household cleaning supplies are FILLED with chemicals that we breathe in and even ingest…?I truly believe that I, as a consumer and mom of 4… Read more »

Cleaning with Mother Nature

14th July 2018 | News

When it comes to health, nature provides. For thousands of years Humans have harnessed the power of nature to improve their health – whether it be using Ginger Root to boost immunity…

Nature Engineered

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