Little hands create big messes and while I love cleaning/making sure our home’s a fresh one, I didn’t love thinking my sons’ sensitive skin was coming in to contact with chemicals and alcohols. I’d tried finding something slightly less abrasive for some time (the skin on my hands were constantly flaring up if I didn’t use gloves and I was worried this wasn’t a great sign) but nothing managed to be free from nasties and suitably strong against dirt. Genuinely, I love @ALKIMI.UK and I won’t be moving away from them. No parabens, no dyes, no alcohol, no chlorine. These guys use sustainably sourced, natural ingredients and still do a fantastic job. If you’ve got any questions, just pop them below and in the meantime, feel free to go take a look at their site.

Also, reminder – ALKIMI are now available @Sainsbury’s

21st March 2019 | Testimonials